Top 10 things to do in Madinah during Umrah

Planning a trip to any fascinating place of your choice certainly demands a particular set of budget and bookings in advance. If you are looking for a religious cum leisure trip to the second most holiest place in the world for Muslims called Madinah, then make sure to have the roaming itinerary ready to best explore the real beauty of the city.

Performing Hajj or Umrah is no doubt the first and foremost priority of Muslim travellers coming from various parts of the globe. Booking a special Hajj Deluxe Packages, Deluxe Umrah Package or any other Madinah Package is certainly a part of your plan.

But, have you ever thought of doing something else or looking at numerous favoured spots of Madinah along with doing Umrah! If not, then, let’s check out top 10 things to do in Madinah during Umrah.


  1. Visiting Masjid Al Nabawi and Get to Know the Hidden Facts

Paying a visit to the second holiest mosque in the world after Masjid Al Haram is Masjid Al Nabawi. You are very much aware of the fact that the sacred and monumental mosque is also the burial place of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) and a mandatory resort for forming Umrah. The artistic and fascinating green dome, state of the art architecture, wide garden area and the religious spirit of the place sure to catch your attention at a first glance.

Apart from mere visiting mosque for performing Umrah either booking the corporate Umrah package or group Umrah package, travellers can also find important facts about Masjid Al Nabawi like the following:

  • The very first place to receive electricity
  • The dome was earlier white and purple in colour located above the room of Prophet Mohammed. At present, the magnificent dome is green in shade.
  • The mosque is much bigger than the original old city of Madinah.
  • Major part of the Prophet Mohammed’s room was earlier destroyed in fire.
  • The famous dome was actually came into place in the year 1279 made in wooden structure by Mamluk Sultan. Before than that, there was no dome present in the mosque.
  • Every single quarter of the mosque whether like pillar, stone, dome, and window is encrypted with numerous religious and secret signs and symbols.


  1. Mount Uhud

If you have a desire to perform mountain climbing and trekking activity even in Madinah, then Mount Uhud is the place for you. Strategically located in the northern part of the city with having 7km length and 3 km wide, the mountain is also the witness of the famous Battle of Uhud during Prophet Mohammed’s time. This can be best done by way of booking Umrah private packages that give a complete level of privacy, comfort, and royal like importance.


  1. Quba Mosque

Visiting the Islamic religious land of Madinah is incomplete without stepping inside the Quba Mosque. The first ever mosque of the Islamic religious was actually founded by Prophet Mohammed Himself on his way to the Madinah. Just be there to feel the sense of first ever mosque and the appealing beauty and architecture inside.

  1. Al Madinah Museum

Get to know about the historical and cultural facts of Madinah from close quarters by visiting Al Madinah Museum. Different exhibits showing Islamic history, facts about Prophet Mohammed, and varied details of city sure to catch your attention.

  1. Old Bazaar Madinah

Shopoholics can best spend their quality time in Madinah during Umrah by paying visit to the famous Old Bazaar. Find here numerous shops offering clothes, souvenirs, gifts, fruits, vegetable, and such stuff at best price.

  1. Masjid Al Qiblatin

Another example of great and historical style architecture is the Masjid Al Qiblatin. A beautiful white marble structure stands tall in the city calling religious believers to bow their head inside in the name of Allah and find eternal peace inside.

  1. Yanbu Beach

Travelling outskirts of Madinah just around 200Km will take you to the famous coastal area of Yanbu Beach. Make the best out of your leisure trip here by soaking under the bright sun, strolling on the soft sand or indulge into adventurous and thrilling water sports activities.

  1. Experiencing Arabic Delicacies and Dates

Numerous Madinah’s old style restaurants and street vendors offer a real food paradise for leisure travellers to best satiate their eating desire. Come here to taste the rich pleasure of Arabic style authentic dishes, sweets, and of course the famous dates.

  1. Masjid Al Ahzaab and Masjid Al Fath

Two of the known mosques to visit sure to enlarge your scope of traveling pleasure in Madinah. Every single mosque has story of its own and paying a visit sure to let you remember it for years.


  1. Wadi E Jinn

Experience the opposite power of gravity where vehicles move upwards automatically towards the slope. Just be at Wadi E Jinn where tremendous power of the highest deity is best seen.

Explore Madinah and its Attractions

Finding a particular choice of travel destination in the company of family is a matter of great dilemma. This is because of the fact that, some like to visit an exotic place in order to spend a memorable travel experience while old ones of the family need a religious platform to bring peace and harmony in their life.

How about you get to experience both simply in terms of exploring at lively environment of a city along with immersed into some holy and religious belief? We are actually taking about planning a visit to the sacred city of Madinah located in the western region of Saudi Arabia.

City of Madinah is most popular in terms of having religious significance all because of Masjid Al Nabawi and the presence of first ever mosque in the world called Quba Mosque. Also, the city holds  permanent place in the heart of Muslims spreading all across the world due to the burial place of Prophet Mohammed.

Despite of all that, there is so much to visit and explore in Madinah that cater to the travel requirements of every age of traveller. If you do not believe the same, then let’s look at the following tourist attractions in the city:

  • Mount Uhud: Easily visible from every single corner of the city is the famous battlefield of Mount Uhud that has traces to the years long history. A place where the second battle between Makkah and Madinah people took place is now a major attraction receiving major footfalls from travellers coming from various parts of the globe. Mostly the barren land, Mount Uhudis a nice hiking and trekking spot for globetrotters. In addition, one can also enjoy the panoramic view of the city from the top of the mountain.
  • The Old Bazaar: For all the shopaholics that like to shop local items or souvenirs from the Madinah must visit the famous Old Bazaar. Strategically located at the central place of the city, the market area is a favourable spot for travellers to find clothes, jewellery, dry fruits, sweets and other such items. Enjoy local delicacies of Madinah is one of the best thing to do in this market.
  • Masjid Al Nabawi: Visiting the religious city of Madinah is certainly incomplete without stepping inside the monumental and holy Masjid Al Nabawi. Get amazed to see the large size of green dome structure of the mosque along with pioneer craftsmanship of the interior inside. Feel the presence of Almighty within mind, body, and soul by saying prayers inside this mosque.

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