Umrah Group Departures

Having the desire to perform the holy act of Umrah is certainly no joke and definitely not a simple task. Whole lot of planning, travel arrangements, scheduling, and accumulation of hefty amount of cash is required to fulfil this eternal journey of a lifetime.

Most important among is the your patience and inside desire to perform Umrah 2019 what require the most that let you step inside the holy Masjid Al Haram and Masjid Al Nabawi. This is the zeal in your heart that let you perform every single task whether it like dressed in Ihram, saying prayers in the name of Allah, and do other pure things to grab the complete fruit of Umrah.

No doubt in the fact that people are aware of the benefits of performing Umrah that include things like removal of poverty from life, receiving blessings for a lifetime, become a better human being, clarify ones’ Eman, and getting the solid religious fruit of the divine act.

Now, despite of all that knowledge, information, and the inside desire to perform religious act of Umrah, majority of people are in dilemma as how to take the starting step of proceeding towards Saudi Arabia and reach the sacred lands of Makkah and Madinah.

Many of you have this confusion as whether to travel alone or go in group in the company of near and dear ones. Now, to clarify this thing, we provide you the best possible way to let the Umrah group departures be made possible with the assistance of a reliable traveling partner.

Traveling in Group is the most profound and supportive way to perform the complete act of Umrah with ease and comfort. This is the way where you can support of traveling buddies be it like family, friends or relatives. Even co passengers traveling in Umrah group packages are also pure Muslims and share the same fate like that of you and also help you fulfilling the wish to a successful Umrah in a hassle-free manner.

One can feel his/herself completely secured and secured while traveling in Umrah economy packages for group. This is because of the reason that all the passengers have the limited financial reach to make their Umrah journey goes possible. Therefore, all the passengers are bind together with a common goal to travel together with having each other’s support throughout the trip and let the journey begins and ends with ease.

Even those having special knack for receiving a royal treatment with all the plush facilities like 5 star hotels in Makkah and Madinah, private guide, and 24×7 assistance can certainly look forward to luxury Umrah packages and that too also for group. With that means, being an updated traveller you will be having your own private space along with travelling and further support of the fellow travellers who have the same set of status like you.

So, the truth is that going for Umrah is something like mandatory concern for every single Muslim individual. In addition, traveling in Umrah Group Package is like adding mental peace of mind during the whole journey by reaching favoured choice of destination with known individuals or at least with people who also belong to pure Islamic religion.

Top Things to Do in Makkah during Umrah

World is certainly not a small place but a host of numerous countries, states, cities, and villages. A living habitat for human beings and animal is bound up with a  faith of the Almighty that allows everyone to love and honour each others.

There are several spheres of the world have that their own special significance, stories, and historical background. One such place is the holy and religious city of Makkah considered as the holiest of all destinations all across the world.

A city basically called the land of Islam is where the famous Masjid Al Haram, Kaaba and the well Zamzam is located drawing attention of Muslim pilgrims from far across the world. This is a place that witness the accumulation of around of 3 million tourists every single year with a major share of Islamic individuals reaching the same for performing Hajj and Umrah.

If you have a real set of fascination to reach Makkah no matter in an Umrah private Package, 5 star at Makkah umrah package or in any other travel deal, finding top things to do in Makkah during Umrah is beneficial to make the most out of your leisure or business travel.

So, here is what we are presenting some of the top tourist attractions of the Makkah city that should not be missed by you.

 Masjid Al Haram

There is no doubt in saying the fact that, world of Makkah is very much synonymous with the famous Masjid Al Haram, one of the best renowned mosque spreading across a wide area with numerous 5-star hotels, marketplace, restaurants, famous Clock Tower and various lively streets around. Performing the religious act of Umrah certainly demands you to say 5 times prayer inside and witness the beauty of Kaaba and taste the holy water of well of Zamzam. The very importance of the mosque stands from the fact that, every single Muslim says daily prayer with head towards the Masjid Al Haram. So, giving quality time to this place is something must to be done.

Jabal Al-Noor

The magnificent beauty of Makkah city is best displayed with the panoramic view of the mountain areas around including of the Jabal Al-Noor. Those having special eye for mountain hiking and trekking should not miss visit to this rocky mountain. Also called the mountain of light is extremely fabulous in terms of receiving bright sunlight directly to let you His peace befall upon us.

Makkah Mall

Although roaming in shopping malls is a common phenomenon, but visiting Makkah Mall is something different. Strategically located just walking distance away from Masjid Al Haram, the mall is ideal place for shopoholics like you to shop for gifts, souvenirs, and other such items as an act of remembrance.

Hira Cave

Best spend the time in Makkah while performing Umrah and reach those spots that were earlier visited by Prophet Mohammed Himself. One of that place is the Hira Cave located 3km away from the Jabal Al Noor. This is the cave where Prophet Mohammed spent most of his time and holds a permanent position in the Islamic religious history. Just reach the cave using 600 steps in a hassle-free manner.

Mount Arafat

One of the mandatory acts of Umrah pilgrimage in Makkah is to visit the rocky and monumental looking Mount Arafat mountain range. Located 230 ft above the sea level, this hill area is the place where pilgrims stand together to seek the blessings of Highest Deity and His forgiveness.


Witness a historic and never to forget sight at Mina located short distance away from Masjid Al Haram where lies temporary refuge of around 10,000 air conditioned tents. Over here millions of Muslim pilgrims come to spend their days while performing Umrah or Hajj.

Additional Things to Do in Makkah

Apart from visiting the famous, historical and religious sites of the city, there are few things that you can do are the following:

  • Historical tour of Mosques and museums
  • Staying in an Arabic style hotel
  • Tasting the rich Arabic delicacies
  • Shopping at the Dates Market

Why Travel for Umrah?

There comes a time in life when you feel like something is missing within and a part of one is incomplete without someone. The very feeling of isolation, retention, and solace give you an inside voice to do something and meet someone who is complete and gives you power, strength, and confidence.

When we talk about Islamic religion that engulfs millions of truthful and peaceful devotees spread across the globe, then that particular choice of completeness is solely of the almighty called Allah that can never be forget.

So, if you are looking for the one that makes you feel important and having a special set of significance in life, then it is the Allah that makes you complete.

Every year millions and millions of Muslims follow that eternal voice hovering within and embark upon the spiritual journey to Umrah which is second important to Hajj. A religious path of peace, harmony, success, intensity, and love is the way towards the holy act of Umrah which is mandatory to perform by an Islamic individual who is physically and financially sound and secured.

Mere searching for Umrah packages or economy Umrah packages gives you an added advantage to fulfil that long-lasting wish of performing such holy act in the company of near and dear ones.

 Crucial Reasons for Performing Religious Act of Umrah

No doubt in the fact that, when you think of going towards the holy sites of Masjid al Haram and Masjid Al Nabawi with a view to perform Umrah, then deals like Luxury Umrah packages, 5 star umrah packages or any other sure to benefit you in terms of overall cash spend and unbeatable facilities. But, more important is the view to understand real virtues of Umrah that are mentioned below:

  • Removal of Past Mistakes from Life: No doubt in saying the fact that human being is a model of numerous mistakes that he/she performs in every single phase of life. Sometimes mistakes are easily forgotten, but few mischiefs that are serious and can harm to the well-being of others cannot be forgiven. But, here in performing Umrah, you have a chance to let past sins or mischiefs be removed from life. Such is the greatest virtue of Umrah that allows you come in the vicinity of Allah, pray with a pure heart and let past mistakes be forgotten for forever. This further makes you a better person and let you serve the humanity with good deeds and the pure virtues of Allah.
  • Clean up the Eman of a Person: In Islamic religion, the term, ‘Eman’, is directly refers to the pure and pious consciousness of that displays whether he/she is a pious and religious person. So, if you are longing for that desire to clean up the whole Eman, then Umrah is the journey to look forward to. The moment you perform the whole act of Umrah with no mistakes at all, then only you got the status of being an Eman full of person.
  • Stay Healthy and Energetic: One of the greatest reward of performing religious act of Umrah is to stay healthy and energetic always. This is simply because of the fact that, the moment you decide to book Umrah package from a reliable travel partner, at that very moment you are filled with immense joy to finally visit sacred Makkah and Umrah that further let you forget previous illness and let the new kind of energy filled inside.
  • Removal of Poverty: Performing the best act of worship of Allah further allows you remove poverty from life. With having the advantage of Umrah group packages, you can make religious journey goes possible and let the poverty be removed from life.

All you Need to Know about Umrah

Every single religious has certain conditions to follow and pilgrims to visit that should be done with proper care and attention. Giving yourself to the faith of highest deity what brings peace, harmony, and love in life.

With having many different religions available today, Islam is the one which is united among all and well across the world. Muslim individuals having unconditional faith in Allah and the sacred teachings of Prophet Mohammed what bind them together since centuries.

One of the best example of this unification is the act of performing Hajj and Umrah either by booking Umrah group packages or Hajj packages of your choice. Mandatory and holy acts to perform by every single Muslim individual who is financially sound and physically able to do so. While Hajj is something that happens once in a year, it is the Umrah that allow you visit the scared places of Makkah and Madinah at anytime of the year.

The second best and holiest act better known as Umrah is something needs to be performed with sound knowledge of the rules and rituals otherwise complete fruit of the same would not be grabbed. In addition with that, going for Deluxe Umrah package further gives you the advantage of traveling with ease and comfort under the supervision of an experienced guide.

Therefore, for your assistance, we have come up with few necessary pointers that allow you to know all about Umrah and the way to perform the same.

  • Series of Religious Acts: The very pilgrimage of Umrah demands purity of pilgrims both from body and thoughts. Therefore, it is necessary for you to take bath before performing Umrah and let the negative thoughts like speaking evil, sexual affair, eating tobacco or anything like that out of your mind. You need to perform the holy act with a pure sense of mind and thoughts that allow you grab the complete fruit of the pilgrimage and eternal blessings of the lifetime.
  • Entering the Mosque in a State of Ihram: A special set of white piece of cloth is required to wear by every single men during Umrah, while women are allowed to simply cover up their head. A mandatory affair for Umrah is like entering as pure as Allah and saying prayers while walking all through Masjid Al Haram and Masjid Al Nabawi. One of the things to notice is that men are not allowed to cover up their head even from the harsh sunlight during Umrah.
  • Tawaf: The term Tawaf means entering into the holy mosque in a state of Ihram and touching the black stone. Basically considered as the next step after wearing Ihram. Enter the Kaaba and touch the black stone while cleaning yourself and continuously saying prayers in the name of Allah.
  • Taking Rounds:Step by step process of Umrah also includes taking seven rounds around the hills of Marwah and Safa while chanting prayers. No need to worry about the distance and the harsh climatic conditions as the very chanting of Allah gives you inner strength and energy to do so.
  • Hair Cutting: After the rounds, pilgrims have to come out of the mosque and men need to fully shave their head and women are allowed for a partial hair cut. One of the ritual act is an example of the fact that, you have left all your sins behind and has purified your mind, body and soul. This is also refer to receiving blessings for a lifetime and removing poverty from life.

Taking all such 5 points in mind are necessary for Umrah pilgrims not just to embrace the kindness of Allah and also to be a part of something big and holy which everyone is not aware of. On the top of that, make this journey goes smooth and hassle-free by way of looking at 5 star umrah packages, Umrah private packages or even considering Umrah plus packages.